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The overall complexities of today’s electronics industries have grown tremendously in recent years and no one is more capable in finding the best engineers and management professionals than Top Talent Search Experts, LLC. Each and every candidate must demonstrate they have the capabilities required to succeed in a prospective position before consideration is given, and our industry experience guarantees only the best make it through.

Commitment, drive, and integrity are second to none. His leadership and recruiting skills have inspired many recruiters. His network of contacts is second to none in the analog world

Dan Goldberg has been intimately involved in the development of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for over 20 years

Dan Goldberg, President and Founder

After graduating from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Dan worked as an IC design engineer for Texas Instruments. While at TI, he earned his Masters in electrical engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and later continued his career managing commercial and Rad-Hard design centers at Semtech Corporation and International Rectifier.

After many years of actively recruiting and hiring candidates, Dan saw a clear need for better hiring practices and decided to start a recruitment company that focused exclusively on finding candidates that can adequately demonstrate they have the skills and experience required to succeed in today’s competitive workplace. With his deep understanding of the development environment, Dan utilizes extensive screening techniques to ensure the candidates qualifications are well matched to the needs of the employer. Dan’s technical recruiting experience and collaborative approach has proven invaluable in helping clients build mutual trust and sustain long term partnerships.

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We specialize in finding the best positions for qualified engineers and management professionals in today’s electronics and technology intensive industries. Our application specific screening process ensures a candidate’s skills are well aligned to meet goals required in today’s competitive marketplace.

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